Let’s Get Wild

A Must-Visit Restaurant for Homestyle Food and Entertainment

Serving Superb Meals and Dazzling Entertainment

Wildwoods Bar & Grill in St. Marys, Pennsylvania is ready to serve you! Visit our family-owned homestyle restaurant today and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience.

Why Dine With Us


Excellent Food and Drinks

New and repeat customers love us because of first-rate homestyle food and fully stocked bar.


Remarkable Location

Nestled among the wilderness of Elk County, our restaurant is located on what was once the original site of the Elk Casino.


Exquisite Ambiance

Our open patio dining area allows you to experience the surrounding beauty of Elk County from the comfort of your table.


Live Performances

We hold entertainment and events for our customers to enjoy. These events range from local bands, open mic nights, catering events, and more.

Get in Touch

Wildwoods Bar & Grill is always open to any questions you may have about our food and services. Reach out to us today, and we’ll gladly assist you.